When considering treatment, it is important to remember, just because you may have been referred by your doctor to a mental health specialist, does not mean they are ‘fobing you off’ because they are frustrated with you or don’t believe you. Collaborative care is considered by many health professionals to be the most effective form of treatment for functional gut disorders.

So what does Hypnotherapeutic and Psychological treatment of Functional gut problems like IBS involve? These are answered under each of the tabs in sections.

It explains what Hypnotherapy is, the myths surrounding hypnotherapy, and details about Gut Directed Hypnotherapy, including what is involves and treatment success.

This will be followed by other Psychological Treatment available such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This section will also explore the appropriateness of which treatment is most suitable for you.

All this does not mean that you are making this up in your mind. Functional gut disorders like IBS are real physical problems. However we cannot ignore that mind does influence the gut and vise versa.

Under the consultations tab you will find details regarding private health insurance and Medicare rebates.